The primary objective that the Company has always set for itself is the full and total satisfaction of its customers, guaranteeing for this purpose a fruit and vegetable product deriving from a controlled supply chain regulated by the laws in force. has been joined by Dr. Enrico Nezzo , a freelancer who deals with consultancy to businesses related to the agri-food sector, especially in the fruit and vegetable and fish sector. “A praise to the Dal Bello family – commented Dr. Enrico Nezzo – that at a time of crisis in the sector, he wanted to complete a demanding project, also aiming to increase the checks on fruit and vegetables offered to customers to guarantee the maximum food safety of local vegetables “.

approach to quality

The achievement of ISO 9001 certification confirms, in a transparent and verifiable manner, the results obtained in terms of internal efficiency and the quality of services offered to customers , demonstrating that the organization and processes of the company are in line with management models adopted worldwide. The adaptation to the standard, making each phase of the activity more structured, effective and documentable, has consolidated the rigorous approach to quality and control of the entire work process that has always distinguished Dal Bello.


A company that, for example, applies the HACCP system and the “cold chain” to guarantee compliance with hygiene standards throughout the production chain , and supports producers by supporting them with qualified technicians who carry out analyzes regular samples of fruit and vegetables. The company is recognized by the market for its high quality levels and for its commitment in guaranteeing the origin and freshness of the product, as well as a careful flexibility of the service.

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