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Since 1950 Dal Bello Italian Vegetables produces and sells the best fruit and vegetable products

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Roman green Lettuce

It belongs to the asteraceae family; it presents itself as a “tuft” consisting of leaves inserted in a short stem.

Trocadero Lettuce

It belongs to the asteraceae family; it presents itself as a “tuft” consisting of leaves inserted in a short stem.

Red round cabbage

It is distinguished from cabbage by the appearance of the head formed by thick leaves, superimposed on each other, smooth, green or red.


Herbaceous species belonging to the family umbelliferae. The Celery is a plant of great size, the coasts of white color are fleshy, crunchy, very intense aroma.


It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family Umbelliferae. The leaves are a nice green color, are triangular in shape, toothed, curled and divided into three segments.

White round cabbage

Vegetable belonging to the Brassicaceae family as the savoy cabbage is distinguished from the latter by the appearance of the head formed by thick leaves, overlapping each other, smooth, colored green or red.

Long cabbage

The cabbage is a cultivar in a conical shape and compact , very interesting for the earliness in the development and the generous size that is able to reach the collection.


Vegetable leaves long, jagged coastline with fine, ripe form a fine head, is a rustic plant, very adaptable and prefers a temperate climate. Consumption is more consistent in the autumn – winter.


Plant easy adaptation to both the climate and the soil, is a vegetable leaves for cooking and eating more important than you in the autumn – winter.

Gentile Lettuce

It belong to the family Asteraceae, you have to “clump” consisting of leaves inserted into a short stem. The varieties we are treated the “Capuchin” or “Trocadero”, the “gentle” and “Brazilian – iceberg.” Rich in fiber, are great as a side dish throughout the year.

Savoy cabbage

It’s a variety of cabbage like cap , but unlike it has dark green leaves wrinkled, puckered, while the inner ones are white – yellowish. It’s a typical winter vegetable lends itself to many recipes and can also be eaten raw.


It is a vegetable belonging to the lily family. Of this plant using the stem, formed by the leaf sheaths, closely overlapping each other.


Belonging to the family Umbelliferae, is grown for its roots swollen orange. Rich in vitamin “C”, is excellent eaten raw, but also steam, boiled, broiled.

our products

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Dal Bello Italian Vegetables constantly puts in place a process of self-control on marketed fruit and vegetables.

our certifications


Dal Bello family has an outdoor area for cultivation, which is approximately 20 hectares of land fully managed through a low-consumption irrigation system, aimed at promoting the best productivity, while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and nature.

The flagship products of the Agricultural Company are the Chicory Catalogna and the Biete da Coste, the Parsley, the Lettuce and the Cabbage Cappuccio: all certified products.

The Company is supported by the professionalism of an analysis laboratory and an agronomist, in order to always be able to guarantee the quality and genuineness of the fruit and vegetable products placed on the market.

The primary objective that the Company sets itself is the full and total satisfaction of its customers, guaranteeing for this purpose a fruit and vegetable product deriving from a controlled supply chain and regulated by the laws in force.

The company is recognized by the market for its high quality levels and for its commitment to guarantee the origin and freshness of the product, as well as a careful flexibility of the service.

The results obtained in terms of internal efficiency and the quality of services offered to customers demonstrate that the organization and processes of the Company are in line with management models adopted throughout the world.

The adaptation to the standard, making each phase of the activity more structured, effective and documentable, has consolidated the rigorous approach to quality and control of the entire work process that has always distinguished Dal Bello.

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