Plant easy adaptation to both the climate and the soil.

Chard is a vegetable leaves for cooking and eating more important than you in the autumn – winter.

Chard, little appreciated by the philosopher Pliny called it “Siciliana” as little tasty, is now considered a very nutritious vegetable as it is rich in both vitamins minerals. We guarantee our customers the freshness and authenticity of our chard. The chard can be enjoyed for instance in the following ways: boiled beets, chard steamed or beets used in a salad after cooking beets as a seasoning in a bowl of pasta.


Loose or tied at the checkout


From May to October


For over thirty years the DAL BELLO family develops and select high quality standards that ensure provenance and freshness of the product, and a careful service flexibility.


Some products are bought in the rough, especially during periods against the season for our area, then be processed according to the needs of retail, with personal rispettante the sanitation requirements.


The company adopts neutral packaging, new, of various kinds (plastic, wood) for the handling and shipping of products, however, always using types specifically indicated for food.