Vegetable leaves long, jagged coastline with fine, ripe form a fine head

Chicory is a rustic plant, very adaptable and prefers a temperate climate. Consumption is more consistent in the autumn – winter.

Chicory for example be used in the following ways in salads and in a vinaigrette. A typical dish of Lazio with chicory is “chicory’s puntarelle”. If you want to use buds of our fresh chicories to recreate the recipe used in the preparation of Rome for the “chicory’s puntarelle” , you have to soak them in ice water bath to remove the bitter taste and then go dressed with extra virgin olive oil, anchovies and garlic.


Loose or tied at the checkout


From May to October


For over thirty years the DAL BELLO family develops and select high quality standards that ensure provenance and freshness of the product, and a careful service flexibility.


Some products are bought in the rough, especially during periods against the season for our area, then be processed according to the needs of retail, with personal rispettante the sanitation requirements.


The company adopts neutral packaging, new, of various kinds (plastic, wood) for the handling and shipping of products, however, always using types specifically indicated for food.