It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family Umbelliferae.

The leaves are a nice green color, are triangular in shape, toothed, curled and divided into three segments, are widely used in cooking toflavor soups, fish, vegetables and cheese and should be added at the last moment because by cooking it loses much of the aroma.

The word derives from the greek parsley “Petroselinon”, which means “celery that grows between the stones,” There is another interpretation that is linked to the moon that allows you to stimulate brain function to the poets who inspired distressed wore wreaths of parsley. Among those best known related to parsley there is the saying “you’re like parsley” which literally is interpreted as an excessive intrusion of a person. This proverb actually realized one of the characteristics of parsley as it can used as a condiment in almost all dishes.


Tied in small bunches in packaging


From January to December


For over thirty years the DAL BELLO family develops and select high quality standards that ensure provenance and freshness of the product, and a careful service flexibility.


Some products are bought in the rough, especially during periods against the season for our area, then be processed according to the needs of retail, with personal rispettante the sanitation requirements.


The company adopts neutral packaging, new, of various kinds (plastic, wood) for the handling and shipping of products, however, always using types specifically indicated for food.