Plant easy adaptation to both the climate and the soil.


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From May to October

It is a leaf vegetable for cooking and the most important consumption occurs in the autumn – winter period.

Chard, little appreciated by the philosopher Pliny who called it ‘Sicilian’ because it was not very tasty, is today considered a very nutritious vegetable as it is rich in both vitamins and mineral salts. We guarantee our customers the freshness and authenticity of our Costa Larga chard. Swiss chard can be enjoyed in the following ways: boiled Swiss chard, steamed Swiss chard, Swiss chard used in a salad after cooking Swiss chard as a dressing in a pasta dish.


For over thirty years, the DAL BELLO family has been developing and selecting high quality standards that guarantee product provenance and freshness, and careful service flexibility.


Some products are bought in the raw, especially in the off-season for our area, and then processed according to the demands of the large-scale retail trade, with staff complying with health and hygiene requirements.


The company adopts neutral, new packaging of various kinds (plastic, wood) for handling and shipping products, however, always using types specifically indicated for foodstuffs.

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