What we do


The Company Farm Dal Bello, business unit Dal Bello srl, was founded in the 60s by the experience of Mr. Vito Dal Bello, with the aim of creating a chain of production in the horticultural sector. The outdoor area for the production/cultivations approximately 20 hectares of land, which are entirely managed through a system of saving irrigation, which aims to promote better productivity, while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and nature.


product analysis

The Company constantly puts in place a process of self- control on fruits and vegetables marketed, performing accurate laboratory analysis of type “multi residual” of at least 8 samples of different products per month, during periods of reduced activity, and up to a maximum of 20 samples per week during periods of intense activity. The analyzes are always carried out in a timely before you start marketing the product. Throughout the cycle, from production to sale of the product, the company strictly implements the system of assessment and HACCP control on fruits and vegetables.


The company adopts neutral packing, new, of various kinds (plastic or wood) for the handling and shipping of fruit and vegetables, however, always use types indicated specifically for food. In particular, at the request of the customer, the company may have various types of packaging.